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Handmade deluxe satin evening sack with original artwork of Janine Poole.

The bare tree deluxe satin evening sack is beautifully lined with pale silver deluxe satin lining and drawn in with a deluxe satin black sash being the hand strap.  Attached to the strap it is finished with a black 8cm tassel.

The artwork print is featured on both sides of the bag.

This exquisite evening bag is for when you wish to travel light on the night.  Draw the bag in with the sash, securing all contents,  thread your hand through and your evening bag and contents are safe and always attached to you.

This elegant sack is luxuriously versatile, not only is it light to pack as an evening bag, it can be used as a small deluxe satin pillow for travel, a beautiful sack for special keepsakes, just to name a few.

The size of the bag is approx 30 x 30cm.

The Janine Poole logo features on the branch of the bare tree.

This evening sack can be washed in the washing machine, make sure to remove the tassel before washing.

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